Emergency Medical Oxygen cylinder suppliers in Bangladesh

Emergency Medical Oxygen cylinder suppliers in Bangladesh

Do you want to know about the medical Oxygen cylinder suppliers and the prices of Oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh? Then, this is the article you might be searching for.

The Oxygen cylinder usually holds liquified Oxygen gas. It is attached with a pressure gauge that controls the pressure when circulating Oxygen through the human body by the mask or others.

Oxygen is an essential element of life. It is used for the patient who is under acute or chronic conditions in the hospitals.

As Oxygen gas can’t be prepared in the hospital, it is made in manufacturing places. Suppliers provide the Oxygen cylinder with gas from these places. It is impossible to do surgery and run ICU without the Oxygen facility. In this type of situation, the suppliers supply Oxygen to the hospital as soon as possible. They take orders from the hospital to provide them with Oxygen cylinders immediately. Some Oxygen cylinder suppliers in Bangladesh are supplying Oxygen cylinders to hospitals and various places.

Anybody will know about the Oxygen cylinder suppliers, their activity, the benefits of the Oxygen cylinder, and the medical Oxygen cylinder price in Bangladesh by reading this article.

How to Manage Oxygen Cylinder Suppliers in Bangladesh:

1. Strategies of Oxygen Cylinder Suppliers:

  • Medical oxygen cylinder price in Bangladesh: Most of the people in Bangladesh do not have sufficient income. People always want effective products at an affordable price. As a result, suppliers supply cylinders with affordable cost so that maximum people can easily purchase Oxygen cylinders. Overall, medical Oxygen cylinder price in Bangladesh is in range.
  • Fast Delivery: The success of a supplier depends on its delivery method. People always choose who delivers quickly and gives excellent services.
  • Maintaining Quality and Safety: The suppliers try to keep their product quality and ensure safety. Oxygen is a flammable gas, and it helps to ignite. So, it is crucial to ensure that there are no defects in the cylinder.
  • Evaluate the process: The suppliers assess their process and take reviews from the customers. They try to keep their customers fully satisfied always and take some further steps according to the public report and ensure quality.

2. Emergency Medical Oxygen Cylinder Suppliers in Bangladesh:

  • Medical Oxygen Cylinder and Concentrator Home Delivery Service: It is an online-based supplier. They provide these medical oxygen cylinders to different hospitals and medical centers. They have two types of Oxygen cylinders in general. Those are China Medical Oxygen Cylinder and Linde Medical Oxygen Cylinder. The price of their Oxygen cylinder is in between 15000-26000 BDT(each) only.
  • Timely Product Ltd: This supplier provides Oxygen cylinders to the hospitals and patients who are staying at home as well. They supply oxygen cylinders within 24 hours. Their medical technicians set up Oxygen cylinders for home patients by following the direction of physicians. They have several types of cylinders, and their price range is between 10000-26522 BDT(each) only.
  • Oxygen Cylinder Home Service: This provider’s working strategy is mainly online based. They have only Linde Oxygen cylinder, and the price of their Oxygen cylinder is 26000 BDT only which standardmedical Oxygen cylinder price in Bangladesh. Their nurses and technicians set up Oxygen cylinders for home care patients according to the doctorsuggestion.
  • Maisha Care Ltd: Maisha Care Ltd is a prominent medical equipment supplier for home and hospitals. They sell Oxygen cylinders and even also give rent for home care patients. It is the right thing about them. They also have refill facilities. They have only the Linde Oxygen Cylinder, and the price of that Cylinder is 26000 BDT only.
  • Medi Shop: Medi Shop is an e-commerce platform for medical accessories in Bangladesh. They provide Oxygen cylinders immediately around Bangladesh within 24 hours. They have only China Medical Oxygen Cylinder with various volumes. The price range of their cylinder is 1500-18000 BDT (each) only.
  • Oxygen Dhaka Ltd: This online-based supplier supplies cylinder within the Dhaka city area. They have two types of cylinders that are Linde Medical Oxygen Cylinder and China Medical Oxygen Cylinder. Their price is between 18000-26522 BDT (each) only.
  • Priyojon: Priyojon is an online-based medical equipment supplier. They sell various types of accessories like ventilation machines, medical beds, home care products, etc. They also provide doctors with home care. You can buy Oxygen cylinders from theirs. They supply Oxygen cylinders immediately with a medical technician for setting up the Oxygen cylinder properly. The price range of their Oxygen cylinder is between 1700-17999 BDT (each) only.
  • Evaly: Evaly is the largest online shop in Bangladesh. They supply oxygen cylinders, both residents and hospitals, instantly. They have only a Linde Oxygen cylinder with various volumes. The price range of their oxygen cylinder is between 3000-35000 BDT (each) only.

As Oxygen cylinders are mostly used in hospitals for treatment purposes of acute and chronic health conditions, everyone should be aware of using these. It can be dangerous if the cylinder is leaked by something or damaged somehow. Moreover, you can know about the suppliers of Oxygen cylinders and their prices in Bangladesh by reading this article.

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