Linde Oxygen Cylinder BD | COVID-19 | Free Home Delivery Service in Dhaka Bangladesh
Linde Oxygen Free Home Delivery Service in Dhaka Bangladesh

Linde Oxygen Cylinder BD | COVID-19 | Free Home Delivery Service in Dhaka Bangladesh

COVID-19, We Provide (EMERGENCY) Linde Oxygen Cylinder with Free Home Delivery Service in Dhaka Bangladesh | Prices and Suppliers Near Me in BD.

We all know, at present, the world is suffering from novel coronavirus. It became the most common pandemic disease throughout the world. It typically caused mild to moderate illness such as fever, dry cough, tiredness, difficulty inbreathe, pains and aches, nasal contestations, sore throat, runny nose, and even diarrhea, etc.

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Novel Coronavirus – COVID-19

It’s a new respiratory virus spread out from china and highly contagious than any other contagious virus in the world. That’s why people with underlying COVID-19 conditions are at greater risk of experiencing serious complications after they infected by COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus.

So, if anyone affected by this virus are highly encouraged to seek medical attention. Mostly it takes completely 2-14 days to begin and after the symptom exposure. And the good news is most people get recover from this disease if they take proper treatment in time. And the bad news is as it is a respiratory disease and directly affects the lungs’ functionality. The people may die within a maximum of 1 week if the treatment doesn’t take at the right time.

Medical Oxygen Cylinder Suppliers Near Me in Dhaka Bangladesh

So, it’s very easy to understand the best and effective treatment is a must for COVID-19 patients. Do you know medical oxygen plays a vital role in this treatment process? As it’s a respiratory disease, many doctors rely on purified oxygen cylinders delivered to their patients through devices.
However, in our country, supplying enough oxygen cylinder to meet the patient demand is very critical and complicated. Particularly in this lockdown situation where every hospital even does not have an oxygen facility, then where will they arrange this huge number of oxygen cylinders for a large number of people?

But as you are here, then no more worries. Because we are the country’s biggest oxygen supplier and delivering Linde Oxygen Cylinder door-to-door to deal with this COVID-19. We are the first and Multi-functional manufacture who is committed to doing anything for patient support. Our company is the largest oxygen cylinder home service provider and always ready to assist domestic and area-based response to coronavirus. With the right caregivers and medical professionals, we work tirelessly to prepare and respond to support you.

Linde Oxygen Cylinder Price in BD

The price of Linde Oxygen Cylinder in BD – it depends on the during/buying time. (Please and Please don’t take it otherwise) for price quotation please call our helpline, thanks a lot.

You can also check other Linde oxygen cylinder bd or other mini oxygen cylinder prices in Bangladesh, but we sure you will like our clinical and engineering team because we structured our conceptual framework for providing leading support during coronavirus outbreaks, especially for the use of medical oxygen cylinder.

Furthermore, we also have a unique position to treat every COVID-19 patient by providing life-saving service across the continuum of special care. Likewise, for a high flow of oxygen therapy for non-invasive to invasive ventilation patients with secretion clearance and, of course, medication delivery.

Key features of Linde Oxygen Cylinder Bangladesh Ltd

Linde Bangladesh’s products, especially the medical oxygen cylinder, are become part and parcel of the medical industry of the country. This company demands portable oxygen cylinder price in Bangladesh very reasonably and continuous expanse their business for over more than 50 years with Bangladesh. It always committed to ensuring optimum vigorous conditions in health safety and the environment of its customers, employees, and other stakeholders.
That’s why Linde oxygen cylinder price bd very less compared to other cylinder prizes. As COVID-19 has already reached a pandemic level and people over the age of 60 are at a high risk of suffering these chronic conditions, they access the oxygen cylinder with a big concern. So, people who are battling with this virus or other asthma or other illness Linde oxygen cylinder price become very handy for them.
• Each cylinder contains 1500 liters of pure oxygen.
• The patient can use it for continuous 11 hours (if flow two liters per minute).
• Oxygen gas readily compressed into a cylinder. These cylinders made from aluminum or high-strength steel. As the cylinder is made from modern composite its lightweight and easy portable from one place to another.
• Each oxygen cylinder is available in a mini standard size from 1 liter to 50 liters. So, you will have a variety of options to choose your needs.
• As there is a medical oxygen cylinder refill rent sell support in Dhaka Bangladesh, it is made of shut-off valves for safe storage of the gas and also controls the release of gas when needed. A regulator is also attached to the valve to maintain the pressure.
• Both buying and rental options are available from the company. So, if you are unable to purchase, you can easily go for a rental option.
• Overall you can say it’s an integrated package cylinder that is easy to handle and safety. As this is a low-volume and ready to use gas, people can rely on this for any medical needs.
• They also provide single or multiple cylinders in a bundle.
As Linde Oxygen Cylinder, based on digital features, built-in usability to enhance the user experience by rising ergonomics, performance, and safety standards, you can also get this facility along with the device at a reasonable price. So, if you are interested, let’s see the small oxygen cylinder price in Bangladesh from Linde and book an appointment now.

How to Use Linde Oxygen Cylinder at Home?

This Video Tutorial Will Help You to Use Linde Oxygen Cylinder at Home. (video credit: imran homecare ltd)

Why You Should Choose Timely Product?

Timely Product – We are a critical Linde Oxygen Cylinder provider in Bangladesh that works from mainly hospital-to-home for adults, and older patients and FDA cleared since 2014. If you want to know linde oxygen cylinder price in Chittagong or another district this is for you to know that we have a fixed price oxygen cylinder across the country.

We also provide redefining care to all over Bangladesh to improve the patient’s outcome and reduce caregiver challenges in the home and hospital. Seamlessly our products integrate all separate five products, including an oxygen concentrator, which unified to the patient’s respiratory system. we have a patient-centric device and experienced physician to boost the oxygen in the patient’s body.

Timely Product – Mission and Vision

As we all know, “Shortness of Breath” is one of the main culprit symptoms of coronavirus. For this reason, this has become the top-searched topic on Google. As a result or popular treatment, people will find the “Oxygen therapy” to improve and maintain the Oxygen balance in the patient’s body. as we are the #1 Linde Oxygen Cylinder, sometimes we get massive orders about the industrial oxygen cylinder price in Bangladesh and quickly realized it might not be possible for us to meet the enormous demand.

But luckily, this not happens yet. Many people failed to get the oxygen cylinder after they order online and show its temporary out of stock. Fortunately, if you order from us for sure, we will provide you the equipment. we appreciate our retailer and online buyers for ordering the item by giving us a well ahead of time and also keep patience by truly understanding the temporary product shortage.

Timely Product – Medical Equipment Supplier Company in BD

Our management team is also very strong and maintains constant contact with the suppliers and retailers so that the customer can get the product within the shortest possible time. if our oxygen cylinder gets over, suddenly, we asked our filler to upgrade up and immediately informed all when it restocked again.

We also committed not to do fighting price gouging and put an extra charge on each oxygen cylinder during this crisis time. you can also keep a close eye on the oxygen cylinder shop near you and check the price for surety.
On top of this corona time, we are doing our best to keep informed of our customers about different ways to impact their life. We do not neglect to share our thoughts on our websites, Facebook, Social Media, and get the information from different trusted organizations about how they can protect from the virus.

We also continue to share our information about the benefits of oxygen therapy and supplemental oxygen and provide detailed information on how they can help the shortness of breath in coronavirus affect people.
Apart from the coronavirus or medical issue, Linde oxygen cylinder also used in aircraft, scuba diving, cutting, welding, electricity scale tests, metal refinement, and other chemical and mechanical industry.

We also deliver a single or multiple full oxygen cylinder package to the related system in a limited way. Because of our main focus, ins on “HEALTH.” So, delivering Linde Oxygen Cylinder in the home and hospital is out main business and moto.

Oxygen Cylinder Home Delivery Service (Free in Dhaka)

Oxygen Cylinder Full Packages
Oxygen Cylinder Full Packages

You will get:
• Oxygen Cylinder Receipt
• FLOW Meter
• Nasal cannel
• Oxygen Mask
• Trolley
• We provide Linde Oxygen Cylinder BD with a 2000 liters cylinder. It’s a bottle cylinder with an oxygen flow meter.
• If the oxygen is given every 1 liter each minute, it will last for at least 22 hours. You can finish 1 letter one day or use it for 1 week and month also. If the gas gets over, we have a refill option. Our correspondent will go and refill the gas at their earliest convenience.
• Just let us know 2 hours before, and we will refill the bottle within two hours.
• So if you have any further questions on purchasing an oxygen cylinder or the doctor has been recently prescribed oxygen therapy, you can call us and know-how you can get started. Our smart, well knowledgeable customer care is always there to help. Just call +88 01712-444336 or you can email us also.

Our Service and Benefits in COVID-19

Doctors can suggest an oxygen cylinder for a number of diseases, including pneumonia, COVID-19, cystic fibrosis, etc. This supplementary oxygen can be provided either via an oxygen tank or cylinder and oxygen concentrator. A doctor must suggest what sort of equipment the patient needs for recovery else. The use of too much oxygen in the body can cause oxygen toxicity. As per a COVID-19 concern, it’s very clear that an oxygen cylinder must need to reduce severe lung infections. So, if you are someone who has a fall into this category, you can check out our service benefits so that you can make the right decision at the right time.

While much still learned about the coronavirus COVID-19, it is clear that those with oxygen therapy that have compromised respiratory systems are at higher risk for severe infection. A recent JAMA article published that 77% patient’s required supplemental oxygen and 11% of old patient in the ICU uses high flow oxygen therapy and 89% patient uses ICU ventilation. Besides this, many ICU patients also require secretion management.
Therefore we combine all of these therapies altogether for medication delivery into a single, small, portable easy-to-use touchscreen interface based device. This device provides unique benefits for MCRF- Mass Casualty Respiratory Failure events by reducing the drain on the critical staff, space, and supply resources. Thus, if you or someone fall into this category, be sure you are following steps to prevent the spread or contraction of this disease. Because the following benefits we provide for all types of patients across the country.

Critical care:
We maintain the ISO international standard for safety and accuracy. We qualify our service as critical care and provides the best non-invasive, classy invasive, and mouthpiece Linde Oxygen Cylinder a comprehensive set for all pediatric and adult patients to serve the majority of people.

Control overflow of ICU space:
As every hospital have a very small ICU space that provides oxygen facility, our service enables the medical care to take more care of the patients in the home area by allowing oxygen and ventilation support and airway clearance in hospital space.

Using Oxygen Concentrator:
As the oxygen cylinder is the first resource to run a respiratory emergency, we also provide an internal oxygen concentrator, which is equivalent to oxygen up to 40%. People use an oxygen concentrator as an emergency backup, and we also deliver the concentrator according to customer requirements. You can use this concentrator as oxygen therapy in low or high pressure. Additionally, we also provide support for piped oxygen or medical vacuum user allow to use in the home and expedite the patient’s transaction as an alternate care facility.

Standard training and staffing to the caregiver:
As the COVID-19 increases gradually, patients are often become scared because of not properly know how the device runs. We also understand this and doing our best to provide practical training to use our touchscreen device and another operation system (On, Off, Checking, etc.) related to the device. It won’t take much more time, and a single patient can seamlessly run the oxygen cylinder and reduces the dependency of others.

Consume less energy:
Our Linde Oxygen Cylinder consumes very little energy that you cannot imagine. It will run continuously 9-10 hours without stopping. You can even use the battery if there is no electricity, and it takes the only single battery to run the device. Compare to other traditional respiratory devices. It significantly consumes only a single outlet energy if you connect this with the external power source.

Monitor the gas amount:
As every Linde Oxygen Cylinder has a power gauge, you can see and monitor the oxygen amount remaining and when you need to refill or change it. you can also track the daily amount you need and record the details that use every therapy. So, you don’t need to follow any chart, and just by focusing the device, you can make the documentation accordingly.
Flexible and easily transportable:
Our oxygen cylinder is very lightweight and easy to move. The external tank is also portable, as there are no extra accessories that come with this device. It obviously increases safety and improves the patient standard regardless of the care environment.
Extra supplies:
Our medical team is 24/7 ready with all other extra supplies such as cannulas, filters, tubes, and tanks along with the oxygen gas. We always keep this on hand while any patient needs extra gas support. We are also well-sense of not do any reusing. It means as soon the filter or cannula works get over, ( Oxygen Dhaka )we dispose that immediately and clean the oxygen cylinder with a damp cloth regularly.
Like any other business, we have been affected on many levels by the ongoing of these coronavirus crises. We are facing new challenges every day for delivering an oxygen cylinder from our online customers door-to-door. But the good result is we can deliver the product on time most of the time. so, I hope all our valuable customers will understand the necessity and crisis in this vulnerable movement and cooperate with us to del the best impact on our business delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Linde Oxygen Cylinder BD:

Q1: How can I purchase a Linde oxygen cylinder for myself or a COVID-19 patient of my family?

A: it’s a very easy process. You have to get a physician’s prescription who will recommend the oxygen cylinder for the patient. You have to mansion whether you are looking for rent or buy as we offer both facilities. You can confirm for us over the phone or even booking here online. You should give us a minimum of 2-3 hours to reach the equipment with an efficient guide to your home. In this, we provide all medical equipment with long term care facilities.

Q2: Do you deliver an oxygen cylinder for hospitals and government organizations?

A: We are also in touch with many hospitals and government organizations that need an oxygen cylinder in this COVID-19 situation. We are working on the address of high demanding oxygen cylinders for COVID-19 patients. So, you just need to contract with us over here or via call. We will start processing as early as possible and deliver you the product in the shortest possible time. But as huge demand is ongoing, we encourage you to plan a well of what you need now and in the future so that we can respond to you quickly.

Q3: What is the status of the company?

A: We are the distributor of Linde oxygen cylinder all over Bangladesh. who is working with our partners to ensure continuous access to the supplies throughout the country? We also continue this rapid production on the COVID-19 and try our level best to meet the user demands in this critical time.
Our team is also working hard to aid the additional supplies that may need the patients. We also maintain health and safety and continue to track local and federal health by following the recommendations and guidelines.

Q4: Do you provide any sort of treatment?

A: Unfortunately, not. We don’t provide any type of treatment for any patient. But we do work under doctor’s recommendations and determine the best course of the treatment process. Furthermore, you can also get to know our service elaborately from this website.

Q5: do you provide an oxygen cylinder only for coronavirus patients?

A: No. we provide Linde oxygen cylinder for a range of health conditions such as:
• Pulmonary fibrosis.
• Heart failure.
• Several long term asthma.
• Obesity-related hypoventilation.
• Pulmonary hypertension.
• Nerves and muscles related problems or ribcage.
• Cystic fibrosis.
• COPD- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease etc.

Q 6:what is the main difference between oxygen cylinder and oxygen concentrator?

A: As per the doctor, prescribe oxygen cylinder is used for a short period of time to relieve the shortness of breathlessness after a specific illness. In an oxygen cylinder, the breathe is taken through a face mask and a soft tube inserted in the nose. The patient can eat, drink, and talk using that nasal cannula. But as soon, the patient blood oxygen level becomes normal, the use of an oxygen cylinder should stop.

On the other hand, an oxygen concentrator machine is best for long term treatment and for the patient who needs oxygen several times a day, even in the sleeping time. It’s a big electrical machine that runs out with a socket, and patiently take the oxygen through a plastic tube, nasal mask, and canola. It’s for long term treatment and ensures that oxygen will not run out even for a second.

Linde Oxygen Cylinder BD Home Delivery Service outside of Dhaka

Please Note: due to the overwhelming surge demand of our oxygen cylinder in this current crisis, it may take 1-2 extra days than normal working days to deliver the product. As we aim to full fill, our customer demands, we are working diligently to ensure our retailer and distributor both network performing seamlessly without any disruption. So, sometimes we become successful, and sometimes we are not.

So, we request you to place your order on our website, and we will ship as early as possible at our earliest convenience. Finally, we greatly appreciate your order and your patience for understanding the situation and act accordingly.

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