Linde Oxygen Cylinder- Handling and Storing of compressed gas cylinders

Linde Oxygen Cylinder- Handling and Storing of compressed gas cylinders

The number of COVID-19 patients is increasing day by day. Oxygen cylinders are currently one of the most sought after
and rare items in the country. Many patients with corona need artificial oxygen for shortness of breath.

Many people are now desperately looking for oxygen cylinders to save their dying loved ones. Medical oxygen suppliers’
has increased the price of oxygen cylinders.

Linde Bangladesh Limited provides the best quality of oxygen cylinder. But due to the corona pandemic, Linde cylinder
price in Bangladesh is increasing. The cylinder is also being taken home or to the hospital.

Why oxygen is important for our life:

Where there is oxygen, there is life. And oxygen is an essential element of life for almost every living thing. Humans
constantly take in oxygen from the air to survive. So 5 seconds without oxygen will create a very uncomfortable and
scary environment in human life.

Oxygen plays a very important role in the respiratory process in the human body. Every day we take in 500 to 2,000
liters of oxygen. Keep in mind that more walking or sports increase the amount of oxygen needed compared to a sedentary

On average, an adult consumes 550 liters or 19 cubic feet of pure oxygen per day ( Regular
intake of fresh air is essential for good health and the overall well-being of the body.

People who need oxygen at home

Shortness of breath is one of the most common causes of coronary heart disease. This is because our lungs are the most
affected by this virus. The patient’s physical condition gradually became critical due to a lack of adequate oxygen in
the body. During this time the ventilator provides the necessary oxygen to the patient’s body. In other words, it is
very important to provide adequate oxygen along with medicines to save the corona patient. Doctors are advising COVID
patients to take their treatment from home who do not have asymptomatic and mild symptoms. So they purchase oxygen
cylinders, oximeters, and other necessary equipment.

Talking to a few oxygen suppliers companies that there are certain rules for the use of oxygen cylinders. Many people do
not know when and how to use oxygen in case of shortness of breath. Excessive use of oxygen can cause other infections
in the body. There are also specific rules for storing oxygen cylinders at home. If the oxygen in the expired cylinder
enters the body, the illness may increase.

Oxygen is usually given in two ways. With the help of a mask. The other is through the ventilation system. In both
cases, there is a complete digestive tract. This is because after measuring the oxygen level of the body, the amount of
oxygen flow required per minute is determined. There is a risk of harm if you take too much oxygen. But that is not a
big risk. But sometimes small risks can lead to big crises. Adverse effects can occur in different parts of the body.
For this, before taking oxygen, it must be given following the instructions of the doctor. And must know the proper
procedure of using Linde Oxygen Cylinder.

When the level of oxygen in the body falls below 93 percent, first a small amount of oxygen has to be given. If the
situation does not improve, the oxygen level is doubled.

Medical oxygen suppliers company in Bangladesh 2020:

Oxygen suppliers are struggling to meet the demand for oxygen in this pandemic situation. The price of oxygen has
skyrocketed. Many people are rushing to buy oxygen cylinders and pulse oximeters. Understanding the situation, the
companies selling oxygen cylinders are also pushing up the prices.

Allegedly, some of the traders are creating an artificial crisis of oxygen cylinders and oximeters in the market. This
crisis is due to a lack of unnecessary maintenance and monitoring in the homes. According to market research, the demand
for cylinders manufactured by Linde is the highest. Cylinders imported from China and Taiwan are also popular.

How expensive is the Linde oxygen cylinder?

In many places, oxygen cylinders are selling in the open. Many people have started this business without government
permission to sell it. Some of them are no longer associated with medical services. Prices have tripled as demand has

Due to high demand, several companies have already started delivering oxygen cylinders as home services. Each cylinder
is being sold at twice to three times the previous price. Besides, cylinders are being rented for a short period. But
Linde oxygen cylinders are still at a reasonable price. The price range is between 15000 – 26000 BDT.

Why Timely Product Ltd. is the best as medical oxygen suppliers company:

Timely Product Ltd. is considered as one of the best medical oxygen cylinder providers in Bangladesh. They maintain
medical product quality and services. Oxygen is stored in liquid form into the cylinder tank.The cylinders are made of
aluminium and high strenght steel. The filling pressure is upto 300 bars. The cylinder has the capacity of 1,500 liters
of oxygen and it can be used 2 liters per minute. The motto of the company is to confirm the health life of its

  1. Easy to carry because of its lightweight.
  2. Linde provides a cylinder of 1 liter to 50 liters in size. So, you can purchase according to your necessity.
  3. It has multiple user facilities.
  4. It has an alarm system so when the cylinder is empty it will alert you.
  5. A patient needs sound sleep. Linde oxygen cylinders are less noisy than other oxygen cylinders.

Using the procedure of Linde oxygen cylinder:

Step 1: First of all check the batch label, expiry date, any leakage of the cylinder tank. Then keep the cylinder in the
right place. And try to make sure the cylinder tank is full of oxygen. Do not keep in direct sunlight or any warm place.

Step 2: set up the cylinder with all parts. Open the cylinder for using purposes. Dispel the tempered cover, valve
outlet cover, and make sure the flow selector is zero. The flow selector is placed on the top of the cylinder tank.
Check the oxygen flow rate.

Step 3: Now the cylinder is ready to use. Fix the tube from the end of the mask and end of the valve. Then switch on the
cylinder and rotate the flow selector and make sure the prescribed oxygen unit. Please put the mask on your face and
check the gauge to ensure the oxygen flow is adequate.

Step 4: When you don’t take oxygen anymore then turn off the cylinder in a clockwise direction. Separate all parts like
mask, tubing, flow selector, and take it the right position back.

Refill the cylinder when it will be empty.

Where to buy Linde medical oxygen cylinder:

Do you worry about getting an oxygen cylinder at home? Linde medical oxygen cylinders are available in market places. Anyone can purchase their product from their corporate office or can contact through their website, or customers’ service email address. Another way to buy a Linde oxygen cylinder is Timely Product Ltd Bangladesh website. They provide a single product or package. In the Linde oxygen cylinder with flow meter (original) package you will get an oxygen cylinder, oxygen trolly, medical mask, flow meter at a reasonable price.

They provide home services and also have rental facilities. You can also call them in your emergency needs. When anyone
places an order to them they will deliver the product within 2 hours in Dhaka city and also send an expert to give the
proper setup and instructions.

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