Best Medical Oxygen Cylinder Supplier in Bangladesh

Best Medical Oxygen Cylinder Supplier in Bangladesh

Medical oxygen has been used as a life-saving treatment since the 20th century. The need for medical oxygen has increased much more during the coronavirus epidemic. Taking advantage of this, some unscrupulous traders are handing over much low quality and counterfeit products. So, learn about the best medical oxygen cylinder suppliers in Bangladesh, before buying it.

But When to use a medical Cylinder?

Medical oxygen is a sensitive product. It would be best if you did not use it without knowing anything. I’ve listed the traditional uses of medical cylinder:

  • For CoronaVirus Patient: The COVID- 19 virus causes severe respiratory distress. For this reason, the oxygen count in the blood decreases. At this moment, the patient is treated with the medical oxygen cylinder.
  • Severe trauma, cardiac/respiratory arrest patient: From the 20th century, the oxygen cylinder is used for drastic traumatic patients. A cardiac attack can lead to death without oxygen support.
  • Cluster Headache patient: This particular type of headache causes acute pain. Oxygen therapy is a crucial treatment for them, as there is no other solution to cluster headaches.

Best Medical Oxygen Cylinder Supplier in Bangladesh

We all want the product that is used to save lives, to be the best in quality. Timely Product ltd is now selling the best oxygen cylinder in Bangladesh.

Product Details:

  • Capability: 5 liters
  • Price: 15000 to 26000 BDT (Including vat)

The pricing may vary according to the supply. The Coronavirus pandemic is creating exigence of medical oxygen cylinders worldwide.

Why is their product the best?

Some exclusive features have made the product preferable for a dying patient. Let’s dive into them:

  • Alarming for Emergencies:
    If full-time oxygen supply is required, there is no substitute for this feature. When the oxygen cylinder is running out of oxygen, it will alert you with an alarm. Sometimes oxygen is not given again when the oxygen level is inadvertently reduced. This can lead to the death of the patient. Standard cylinders don’t have an alarming inbuilt system as well. So Using Timely Product’s medical oxygen cylinder is a suitable product that is safe in this way. Its alarming system ensures that the patient won’t die inadvertently.
  • It’s not noisy at all:
    Do you know noise can impact patients’ ability to rest, heal, and recover? The dying patient usually is compassionate about the sound. It affects the improvement of ICU derangement, hospitalization-induced stress, increased pain, elevated pressure, and adverse mental health. For a dying patient, excessive sound effects severely. Other cylinders in the market are much noisy. However, the oxygen cylinder of the Timely product is specially made as it is less noisy.
  • Multiple user facility:
    As useful this feature is for hospitals, it is often necessary for personal use. In a hospital, it is usually required to give oxygen to several patients simultaneously, but it is often not possible to procure several oxygen cylinders at once. Besides, it is often helpful to use a single-cylinder if some members of the same family fall ill. You will not find this excellent feature in any other cylinder in the market. Only Timely Products Limited Bangladeshi is providing this superior featured Medical Oxygen Cylinder.
  • Humidity checking:
    It is imperative to maintain a specific humidity. Because the patient can’t get the natural moisture. The moisture has to be controlled. The preferable thickness for a patient is 80 percent. The oxygen cylinder maintains the humidity automatically.
  • Adjustable flow rate:
    The doctor controls the flow of oxygen for a patient according to the level of oxygen in his body. The adjustable flow rate feature is the most essential. But this feature can only be used according to the doctor’s guideline.
  • Get it from your home:
    They are giving home delivery all over Dhaka. So, you don’t have to run for an oxygen cylinder in an emergency. They supply the product for any emergency.

Requirements and Disclaimer

Life-saving products can be a life-threatening product with improper use. The oxygen cylinder can be deadly if you use it without the proper direction of the doctor.

So what’s the actual process?

To give oxygen therapy, at first, doctors measure the oxygen level in blood. After that, they adjust the flow of oxygen in the cylinder. So, without a doctor’s instruction, it’s a deadly decision to use an oxygen cylinder for a patient.

Is there any side effect of this product?

Oxygen should not be given to infants in high intensity, because it can cause blindness. Moreover, paraquat poisoning, pulmonary fibrosis patients should not use oxygen therapy unless they have severe respiratory arrest.

Some companies are selling low-quality products at low pricing to attract buyers. But don’t take the risk by buying a low-quality product because it can cause death. Timely product, the leading and best medical oxygen cylinders suppliers in Bangladesh, is now providing oxygen cylinders with exclusive and best features.

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