Oxygen Concentrator:

An oxygen concentrator is a kind of medical device that is used for delivering concentrated oxygen to inhaling patients. Especially the people who have breathing-related disorders, often require oxygen concentrator due to their blood’s lower oxygen concentration level than normal.

Though earlier oxygen concentrators were heavy and bulky, nowadays, we can easily get a portable oxygen concentrator for home. With the advancement of medical evaluation, now oxygen concentrators become small, compact, and lightweight yet. Besides, they are well capable of providing high performance and utmost compliance.


How does Oxygen Concentrator work?

An oxygen concentrator is a medical device that comes with an adopter for charging. You can power them by using a battery or plugging the device into an electrical outlet. It receives air from the surrounding, filter, purifies the air, compresses, and forms air to the required density and delivers concentrated and purified medical grade oxygen to the patient.

Usually, doctors don’t recommend oxygen concentrators easily. If any individual has major breathing-related disorders, then doctors must prescribe oxygen concentrators to their patients. But most of us are unknown about how to use an oxygen concentrator at home. Though the oxygen concentrator price in Bangladesh is not affordable for all, inhaling-patients need to purchase this medical device for their survival yet.


How to use oxygen concentrator: 

Here are some step that may help you to acquainted with oxygen concentrator using-

  • Turn on your oxygen concentrator machine at least 20 minutes before starting inhaling. Oxygen concentrator needs time to cycle pure air.
  • Turn on your machine alarm. Set the alarm because it can make you alert when your machine is starting and also can alert you when the power flow is interrupted.
  • Control your liter control knob and locate it. The knob should be one, and numbers are drawn over it. Change your numbers manually and use according to your need and doctor’s prescription. It is significant to obey doctor’s prescription because of how much oxygen flow you need you do not know. Therefore, maintain the doctor’s determined numbers into the knob.
  • Make sure your oxygen tube is free from bending and kinks. Unexpected bends and kinks will obstruct oxygen flowing. The long tube has the probability to bend easily, so be careful about tube bending and smooth out the kinks.
  • Adjust nasal cannula for a high level of oxygen downward the nostril position. Putting the nasal cannula, sliding the tube up and down after drawing it behind the ears. Put the cannula into the water in case of creating a bubble to examine the flow rate of oxygen.
  • Take breath normally through the mask or nasal cannula. Use mask or nasal cannula until doctors appointed time.


Things to keep in mind while using an Oxygen concentrator: 

  • You should have the knowledge about the level and on and off system of the oxygen concentrator machine. Make sure your concentrator machine is turned off before starting your machine because unnecessary use of the concentrator machine can damage to the oxygen concentrator machine.
  • Determine the time that exactly how much time the concentrator machine needs time for cycling. Read your oxygen concentrator machine instruction properly and start your machine according to instruction.
  • If you are not smart enough to set up your oxygen concentrator machine, then consult your doctor. Do not set up your oxygen level own if you don’t get proper oxygen flow.
  • When you are not getting enough oxygen, then use the oxygen mask for adequate oxygen flow. Adjust your mask correctly that you feel comfortable and get proper oxygen flow.
  • If you are using a portable oxygen concentrator machine, keep an extra battery wherever you go.
  • Inform the local oxygen concentrator machine company that you are using a machine, and you need to fill up when it is finished
  • Also, inform local fire safety service in case of accident gutted over in your home.
  • Store an oxygen cylinder in your home because sometimes technical errors can happen to the concentrator machine. And keep connected with an oxygen cylinder home delivery service.