Dental portable X-ray System, Rextar-X

৳ 175,000.00

Dental portable X-ray System, Rextar-X

Name: Medical X-ray Equipments & Accessories
Model: Rextar-X
Brand Name: Posdion
Place of Origin: South Korea

Technical Specification

Input power
 X-ray Unit 19 VDC 3.16A
Battery Charger 100-240 VAC, 50~60Hz 1.7A
Output power  140W
Power Supply  11.1 VDC (Battery)
Battery 11. 1 V
Frequency 70kHz
Tube kV/Ma 70kV/2mA(Fixed)
Max. Deviation
Kv  ±4%
MAs  ±10%
X-ray Tube
Model Name   D-041
Inherent Filtration  Min. 1.0mmAl
Focal Spot size 0.4 X 0.4 mm
Total filtration    1.5mm


High-Quality X-ray System

  • Used high-frequency X-ray (70kV-2mA Fixed) and Toshiba D-041 tube.
  • Provide highest-quality, sharpest X-ray images.
  • 43 X-ray exposure time range steps (0.01~1.30s).

Designed with Safety in mind

  • Internal double shielding ensures safety for all X-ray emissions.
  • Ergonomic design protects the body, hand and other nearby areas of the operator from exposure to radiation.
  • Approved by CE, KFDA and FDA international quality organizations.

Designed for one-hand operation

  • Compact size and lightweight provide a great feeling of grip for convenient use.
  • On one side are the power button, the exposure button, and the hand strap.
  • Using smart exposure buttons, rapid diagnosis is possible.


Digital Sensor, Remote Controller, Positioning Stand, Long cone, Short cone, Hand strap, Neck belt, Operation & Service manual, Quick user guide, Carrying bag, Adapter, Charging plug.


Dental portable X-ray System, Rextar-X

Rextar-X among the Rextar series is the recent, upgraded and completely new design. We placed a great deal of accounts and effort into creating Rextar-X. Users can only use one hand to run Rextar-X. By adopting intelligent buttons, the operating software is more potent. Among existing mobile X-ray units, our highest technical requirements are best in the globe.


Rextar-X displays four fresh buttons. These buttons are the same as television remote control channel buttons. You can categorize them into four instances if you have typical kinds of patients. You can set the exposure values on each intelligent button for these four instances. Power on-> Press one of four intelligent buttons— > Press exposure button after that, you can take X-ray by just three steps. Or you can alter your values according to your requirements. Patient kinds (adult or child) and teeth types (upper, reduced -canine tooth, the molar tooth) are indicated by the buttons.

Operators must position equipment and place sensors or film in the teeth of patients to take dental X-ray. And both hands should handle standard mobile X-ray equipment owing to heavyweight and spread all function buttons on both right and left sides. Users, therefore, need helpers or ask patients to keep a film or sensor. But Rextar-X has been intended with a hand belt and one side is positioned with the energy button and the exposure button. And the compact size and lightweight can make you only have one hand to operate it. To hold an X-ray, you can use one hand and the other side to position or control patients.




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