Sturdy Autoclave SA 232N

Sturdy Autoclave SA 232N


Product name Autoclave
Brand Sturdy
MODEL SA-232 Portable
Overall Dimensions 330mm x 420mm x 400mm
Chamber Size 230 x 400mm (Depth
Capacity 16 L
Temperature / Pressure  122°C ; 1.4kg per cm2
Control System Pressure control
Power Consumption 220-240V : 0.9kW ; 4Amp.


Sturdy Autoclave SA 232N


The autoclaves are engineered with Microprocessor Technology, which provides advanced features for more sophisticated chamber sensors, user interfaces and alert and warning systems. These are designed for liquid sterilization that is sealed, strong and optional.
The straightforward control panel was designed specifically for workers from all types of backgrounds and levels of experience, increasing efficiency and reducing user error while still providing sufficient flexibility to get the job done.




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