Sturdy Autoclave SA 300VFA

Sturdy Autoclave SA 300VFA


Product Name Autoclave
Brand Sturdy
Model SA 300-VAF
Size 450(D)*600(W)*980(H)
Capacity 50L
Safety sensor The pressure or temperature
Longevity 7 in
Gross Weight 104Kg
Drying time 30 minutes
The control system Processor/ Auto
Sterilization temperature 121°C -134°C
Regulatory resources 230V-50/60Hz


Sturdy Autoclave SA 300VFA


SA-300VFA is equipped with Microprocessor Technology, which offers advanced features for more sophisticated chamber sensors, user interfaces, alarm, and alert systems. This makes it easy to run, all you need is to start the autoclave and the computer will do the rest. A recorder choice provides the SA-300VFA with a convenient way to store data on an SD card or USB.




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