Practice & Procedure of Using Linde Oxygen Cylinder

Practice & Procedure of Using Linde Oxygen Cylinder

An oxygen cylinder is a storage vessel of oxygen held under pressure in gas cylinders. It is found as liquid oxygen in a storage tank. There are different kinds of oxygen cylinders that come in different sizes. Some are used for industrial purposes, and some are used for portability.

Linde oxygen cylinder is produced in our country, assuring health and safety measures for its customers, stakeholders, and employees.

Linde oxygen cylinder BD

Linde oxygen cylinder has a capacity of 1,500 liters, and it can be used for 11 hours at a stretch at 2 litres per minute. It is available for both purchase and rental.

The cylinder sets are usually made of high-strength steel or aluminum with a filling pressure of up to 300 bars. Every cylinder is equipped with a valve that meets international standards for the gas and pressure in question.

For even greater convenience, Linde offers cylinder valves with integrated pressure regulators developed in-house for different markets and applications.

The cylinders come in sizes of 1 liter to 50 liters so you can choose according to your needs. The oxygen cylinder is very lightweight and portable for use.

Linde oxygen cylinder package:

Linde oxygen cylinder comes in a package of the following parts:

  • Oxygen Cylinder
  • Flow Meter
  • Oxygen Mask
  • Nasal Canal
  • Trolley

Linde Oxygen Cylinder Practice Guideline:

If an Oxygen Cylinder is given every 2 liters each minute, it will last for at least 10-11 hours. If the gas gets over, there is a refill option.

The procedure of using Linde Oxygen Cylinder:

1. Set up the cylinder for use, placing it upright: Make sure that you place the cylinder in an upright position while preparing. Do not put it on soft surfaces as oxygen could leak and create ignition.

2. Check the product details first: Check the medical gas correctly, the batch label, and the expiry date and make sure that the gauge is in the green zone to know that the cylinder is full.

3. Open it for use: Remove the tempered cover first, remove the valve outlet cover, and ensure that the flow selector on the top of the cylinder is set to zero before connecting the equipment.

4. Use the oxygen outlet: Attach the tube from the end of the mask to the end of the valve. Please turn on the cylinder slowly by rotating the handwheel in an anticlockwise direction until it comes to a stop. Then rotate the flow selector and choose the prescribed flow. Then place the mask on your face and check the flow of the oxygen. Keep checking the content gauge to make sure the flow of gas is sufficient.

5. After use handling: After usage turn off the cylinder by rotating the handwheel clockwise until it reaches the stop point. Then disconnect the equipment. Remove the tubing. Set back the flow selector to zero. Replace and refit the outlet cover. Cross-check the cylinder gauge to see the content level of gas.

Place it back to a storage area as “in use” or “empty.”

The Do’s and Don’ts of practice:


  • Ensure proper storage is for an oxygen cylinder where they will not get knocked over. So some cylinders need to be stored lying down, and some need to by putting it upright.
  • Close the cylinder valves when the Linde oxygen cylinder is not in use.
  • If you hear any hissing sound, check if there is any leak between the tube and outlet. Turn off the cylinder and notify the service provider.
  • In case you experience a fault with your cylinder, please segregate the cylinder immediately and contact the patient service center for further investigation and replacement.
  • Ensure that you keep used and empty cylinders separate.


  • Under no circumstances use excessive force when opening or closing the cylinder valve.
  • Never paint the cylinder. Ensure that the labels and markings are clear.
  • Do not use any greasy material or oil-based product around Linde oxygen cylinders.
  • Never place the cylinder on your bed due to the risk of oxygen enrichment of your bedding materials.

Precautionary practices:

  • Since oxygen supports combustion, ensure that the Linde oxygen cylinder Bangladesh is not stored or used near naked flames or combustible matters.
  • Store the Linde oxygen cylinder in a ventilated area, which is dry and clean.
  • Smoking should not be allowed where you store the Linde oxygen cylinder.
  • If you clean the Linde oxygen cylinder, do not use ammonium or chlorine compounds.
  • Do not take any initiative to refill the cylinder by yourself or tamper the cylinder package.

Linde oxygen cylinders are medically high-quality and easy-to-use cylinders. During the pandemic of Covid-19, oxygen cylinders are in high demand. For Linde oxygen cylinder, Timely products BD is also providing home delivery service at this moment, offering free delivery all across Dhaka.

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